Schools & Universities

Schools & Universities

Provide students and staff with healthy learning environments by protecting them from harmful germs

Each day 55 million students and 7 million staff attend more than 130,000 public and private schools and another 16 million are enrolled in colleges throughout the United States. Schools & universities are not only there to provide quality learning environments, they often are charged with caring for their students from food services to health care. This leaves a lot of opportunities for the spread of germs that can cause illnesses.

The safety and health of our students is always of primary concern to us. Less absences leads to a healthy campus and more learning.
— Alan Rusonik, Head of School, Jewish Academy of Orlando, the First K-5 school fully outfitted with violet defense technology

Across the nation, kids miss nearly 22 million school days due to colds and 38 million school days from the flu. Schools and universities need tools to properly disinfect across their campuses to help minimize this risk to students and staff.

Violet Defense has solutions that can disinfect your campus automatically every day or on demand in the event of a more serious threat of illness, killing up to 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including Norovirus, influenza, and more. Read more about how Violet Defense can help protect students and staff in our white paper: Smart, Healthy Schools.

Download our white paper on the future of disinfection for schools & universities.

Download our white paper on the future of disinfection for schools & universities.

A variety of products means we can help clean any of your spaces


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Protect students and staff against the spread of germs, including influenza and Norovirus. Automatic UV disinfection can clean classrooms, bathrooms, and multipurpose rooms.

athletic facilities


Student athletes, particularly those in contact sports, such as football, basketball, or wrestling are at a higher risk for skin infections, such as those caused by MRSA. S.A.G.E. can disinfect locker rooms, gyms, and fitness equipment.


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Prevent foodborne illnesses - proven technology kills E. Coli & Salmonella