Portable UV Disinfection

Meet S.A.G.E.

Surface & Air Germ Elimination

S.A.G.E. UV - Anti-Microbial Line

S.A.G.E. UV, the anti-microbial line of S.A.G.E., uses broad spectrum of light, including germicidal UV-C, UV-B, UV-A and violet blue light to effectively kill bacteria, mold, fungi, and even viruses on surfaces and in the air in a matter of minutes.  Learn more about how this technology works.


SAGE Micro in Carry Case.png

Hospital-Grade Germ Control, Everywhere You Go


  • Powerful Pulsed Xenon Technology in small, portable package
  • Effectively kill bacteria and viruses at home, at work, or on the go
  • Operates when you are not in the room - turn it on, leave the room, and come back after it's done disinfecting to a room that is truly clean
  • Clinically proven to kill up to 99.9% of Norovirus, E. coli, Salmonella, and MRSA
  • Included carry case to make it easy to store or take with you when you travel

Pulsed Xenon technology kills germs everywhere the light touches.


S.A.G.E. Micro - Optional Add-Ons


S.A.G.E. Micro Stand

  • Adjustable stand includes rubber base to hold unit securely in place
  • Holds unit in horizontal or vertical positions for room disinfection
  • Position unit face down to target specific areas of concern on floor or surface
Dome no unit.png

Shown with S.A.G.E. UV Micro, stand, and bio dome for complete solution to handling bodily fluids


S.A.G.E. Micro BIO Dome

  • When used with S.A.G.E. Micro, the reflective surface inside of the dome allows it to be positioned over infectious hazards, including blood or bodily fluids and optimize germ-killing power
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Zippered opening for power cord



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