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Self-Sanitizing Bathroom

Meet S.A.G.E.

Surface & Air Germ Elimination

S.A.G.E. UV - Anti-Microbial Line

S.A.G.E. UV, the anti-microbial line of S.A.G.E., uses broad spectrum of light, including germicidal UV-C, UV-B, UV-A and violet blue light to effectively kill bacteria, mold, fungi, and even viruses on surfaces and in the air in a matter of minutes.  Learn more about how this technology works.

S.A.G.E. UV - anti-microbial bathroom fan cover

Let your fan cover turn your space into a self-sanitizing bathroom

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Bring clinical-level cleaning to your bathroom 


  • Broad spectrum of light to kill bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses.  
  • Intelligent, autonomous control system that turns the unit on automatically when you leave the room
  • Programmable cleaning cycles to meet your individual needs
  • Can replace your current cover in less than 5 minutes.*

*The fan cover is designed specifically to fit large format (10 1/2" x 11 1/2" opening) fans.  Adapter plates (additional charge) make it compatible with nearly any model of bath fan.






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