Here at Violet Defense, we are passionate about protecting our world from germs. As part of this journey, our blog helps us all to become more “germ aware” about the risks that germs pose to our health and wellness in everyday places, but more importantly how UV light has the power to help us fight this war against harmful bacteria and viruses.


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Appealing to the “Germ-Aware Generation”
Germophobe or Germ Aware

Summer is almost here.  Everyone is busy making their summer travel plans.  Let the hours of online research into finding that perfect hotel begin.  Travelers immediately eliminate options that don’t meet their standards – cleanliness being among the most important factors.

Meanwhile hotels are busy trying to find that special something that will set them apart from all of the other hotel chains – especially for the millennial population.  According to the United Nations, it’s estimated that more than $180 billion in annual tourism revenue comes from the 200 billion millennials.

Hotels have employed special online reviewers, developed special rewards programs, changed their core hotel experiences – all to better suit the desires of this population driving the tourism industry.  A recent study by Choice Hotels indicated that “61% of millennials surveyed said they carry hand sanitizer when traveling.”  This generation has more individuals that identify themselves as "germophobes" (42% of Millenials vs 27% of Generation X and 21% of Boomers) according to a study done by Purell Hand Sanitizer.  But what are hotels doing to tailor themselves to this unique characteristic of the current generation?

Hotel Cleanliness Matters

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors for individuals when making a decision about their hotel.  Now imagine a hotel protected by Violet Defense Technology.  Your bathroom would be cleaned using cutting-edge technology designed to begin killing bacteria as soon as the light is activated when you are done in the room.  Your entire room is disinfected from all those hidden germs left behind from the last guest or if a guest didn’t want housekeeping to disturb them and clean up their room today.  Violet Defense offers whole room versions and a bathroom fan version – both available in anti-bacterial and anti-microbial versions.  The anti-bacterial version uses the power of visible violet blue light to kill bacteria, while the anti-microbial version uses a pulsed xenon system to deploy powerful, broad spectrum of UV and violet blue light to kill bacteria and viruses. 

Want your hotel to have the latest in germ-fighting technology?  Contact us today for more information about our germ killing light to receive a custom quote to meet your hotel’s needs – and maybe more importantly – the needs of the millennial generation eager to spend their growing travel budgets.