Here at Violet Defense, we are passionate about protecting our world from germs. As part of this journey, our blog helps us all to become more “germ aware” about the risks that germs pose to our health and wellness in everyday places, but more importantly how UV light has the power to help us fight this war against harmful bacteria and viruses.



5 Surprising Ultraviolet Uses for the Hospitality Industry

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The primary objective of the hospitality industry is to provide welcoming, convenient, and safe places to stay and eat. There’s no question that one of the biggest challenges those in the industry face is keeping ahead of the germs and bacteria guests leave behind.

Did you know that using ultraviolet light to disinfect guest rooms and other areas of your establishment can help ensure guests’ safety – and safeguard your reputation? It’s true. Here are five surprising ultraviolet light uses you may not know about.

#1: Television Remotes and Telephones

The television remotes and telephones in hotel rooms are notoriously germ-laden. Wiping them down with disinfectants may kill some of the bacteria and germs they hold, but it won’t get all of them.

If you’re seeking ultraviolet light uses as a way of justifying investing in new technology, consider that you can place your remotes, phones, and other small items that guests touch – such as alarm clocks – into the direct path of the ultraviolet light.  Germs will be killed anywhere the light touches. The next guest who checks in can be confident that switching on the TV or calling down for room service won’t expose them to harmful germs.

#2: Food Preparation Areas

Keeping kitchens, pantries, and food storage spaces free of bacteria is a battle that never ends. In fact, even the most rigorous cleaning with traditional methods such as soap, water, and bleach can leave harmful bacteria behind.

One of the most revolutionary ultraviolet light uses is cleaning kitchens and food prep areas. Knives, cutting boards, sinks, shelves, and cookware may all be disinfected using ultraviolet light technology. In fact, using ultraviolet light to clean your kitchen or restaurant means never having to worry about inadequate cleaning or sick guests because bacteria can’t build up a resistance to UV light like they can chemical cleaners.

#3: Pillows and Blankets

Guests expect their sheets, pillowcases, and towels to be washed in hot water regularly. However, it isn’t practical for hotels to launder pillows and quilts every time a guest leaves. For that reason, guests’ beds can often harbor dangerous bacteria even if the linens have been freshly washed.

Some businesses use ultraviolet light wands and portable devices, but there are risks associated with using them as well. A user who doesn’t put the wand close enough to a surface or use it for long enough may end up leaving harmful organisms in place. That’s why we’ve focused on creating UV technology that is designed to work autonomously and can reduce the risk of human error resulting in missed germs.

In the end, advising guests that your rooms have been cleaned with ultraviolet technology can give them peace of mind that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

#4: Fitness Centers

It might surprise you to learn that a study found that fitness equipment may have more than 1,000,000 germs per square inch.  Nearly every hotel has a fitness facility for their guests’ enjoyment, but your guests won’t thank you if they end up ill due to using your equipment.

Furthermore, the unpleasant smell that is present in many gyms is not due to sweat, it’s actually due to the bacteria that grows as a result. Using ultraviolet light to disinfect the room can halt the growth of harmful bacteria for good.

#5: Way to Leverage Higher Premiums

You might expect that switching to ultraviolet technology to disinfect your establishment might cost more than what you’re currently doing. However, the opposite may very well be true.

Companies in the hospitality industry spend a lot of money buying sanitary wipes and other sanitation products. Research studies, as well as real life programs with hotels such as Best Western and MGM Grand have shown that incorporating additional disinfection protocols and/or wellness features into your rooms can drive increased guest satisfaction, occupancy rates, and/or higher premiums.

The Bottom Line

Instead of worrying that your cleaning staff might have missed harmful bacteria, consider using ultraviolet technology to disinfect guest and employee areas of your business.

Learn more about how Violet Defense’s S.A.G.E. UV line can clean guest rooms– and keep your hospitality business free of germs.