Here at Violet Defense, we are passionate about protecting our world from germs. As part of this journey, our blog helps us all to become more “germ aware” about the risks that germs pose to our health and wellness in everyday places, but more importantly how UV light has the power to help us fight this war against harmful bacteria and viruses.



Keeping Germs at Bay in Fitness Centers - A New Solution

Germs on Fitness Equipment

risk for bacterial infections in fitness centers

Each year over 55 million members stride into one of over 36,000 health clubs throughout the United States, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association - people who are trying to commit to their own personal health and wellness.  The last thing any of them want is to risk that wellness by contracting a virus or bacterial infection.  

Look at any checklist for how to select a gym - once you get past the usual suspects - location, equipment, cost - you'll no doubt find cleanliness at the top of that list.  Shape Magazine recommends not only checking for means to wipe down equipment, but also to pay attention to to other areas, such as the bathrooms to ensure the facility is keeping up with good hygiene.

However, club owners cannot stop at the dirt that you can see.  That locker room smell is not sweat - it's actually bacteria.  One study published by found, on average, that treadmills, exercise bikes, and free weights all have more than 1 million colony-forming units of bacteria per square inch.  This included bacteria known to cause skin infections, pneumonia, and septicemia.  To put those numbers further in perspective - it's more bacteria than what you typically find on a public toilet seat.  

Another study found that viruses (generally rhinoviruses) were found on 63% of equipment in fitness centers.  This same study found that standard disinfection of the equipment was not actually effectively protecting against virus exposure.

germ killing light for fitness centers

While many fitness facilities offer alcohol wipes or other cleaning methods to keep germs at bay, and should continue to do so, they are not necessarily sufficient to effectively kill the bacteria and germs that place customers at risk.  Violet Defense has patented technology behind its germ-killing lights that have been independently proven to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, including MRSA.      

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