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New Approach to Fighting Noro-viruses


As summer approaches, so does the end of the intensive Norovirus season.  For the past several months, schools, cruise ships, hospitals, and any other location where people are in close proximity have been facing outbreaks of this disease.  According to the CDC, as many as 21 million people contract Norovirus every year.  About half of all outbreaks of food-related illness are caused by Norovirus.  

Unfortunately with no vaccination and a disease that can spread easily, outbreaks often lead to people quarantined on their dream vacation or schools closed for extensive cleaning.    


  • Consuming food or drink that is contaminated with Norovirus
  • Touching surfaces or objects with norovirus and then putting hands in your mouth
  • Direct contact with someone else who is infected or sharing food or utensils with them

Unfortunately, the disease tends to spread further due to food handlers who may not wash their hands properly.  Alcohol hand sanitizers are not enough to stop the spread of the virus.  It is recommended that people wash their hands with soap for at least 30 seconds - the bubbles and friction are needed to help remove the virus from your hands effectively.


While hand washing is a critical part of the strategy, it will not take care of the problem on its own.  Noroviruses can survive on surfaces for weeks.  Ask some of the cruise ships that have had back-to-back outbreaks during their sailings and over 10,000 people infected on cruise ships in the past 5 years.

It's time for a new weapon to add to the arsenal to fight the spread of these harmful diseases.  Violet Defense Technology has UV room disinfection solutions that can be incorporated into cruise ships, restaurants, schools, office buildings, and more. With our patented technology, we can kill bacteria, mold, and viruses quickly to help combat the spread of illnesses.  

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