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3 Reasons to Add Ultraviolet Light to Your Mold Remediation Toolbox

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Being based in the Sunshine state, we know firsthand just how many people in the hot and humid south have to deal with the fight against mold. Throw hurricanes into the mix that can accelerate mold growth due to flooding or leaks and you have a large number of homeowners and businesses concerned about how to effectively deal with this issue, including the financial burden. 

According to, the average cost of mold remediation reported by homeowners nationwide is $7500, but can easily soar into the tens of thousands when there is extensive damage.

However, an even bigger concern is their health, or that of their customers or employees.  That’s where mold remediation companies come into play – to effectively take care of mold and prevent the health risks of mold that can include skin irritation, asthma, respiratory infections or exacerbation of other existing diseases.

To do that, they need the right tools to do the job right the first time.  Here are 3 reasons why ultraviolet light is a good addition to that toolbox.

#1 – Ultraviolet Light Disinfects Everywhere the Light Touches

Ultraviolet (UV) Light is a proven technology that has been killing mold, fungus, bacteria, and viruses since the beginning of time.  Think about a sidewalk and the shaded areas where you find mold – that’s because the germ-killing power of sunlight isn’t reaching those areas.  Ultraviolet light brings this same power of the sunshine indoors allowing you to kill mold wherever the light touches, but not just on the surfaces of a room.  Ultraviolet light can kill mold in air and on surfaces.  It’s effective at treating the mold you know about, and can help kill mold, including airborne spores that you can’t see.

#2 – Ultraviolet Light Kills Without the Use of Harmful Chemicals

 According to the EPA Guidelines on Mold Remediation, “the use of a biocide, such as chlorine bleach, is not recommended as a routine practice during mold remediation.”  Chemicals, not only have harmful effects to the people using them, but also often have to be left so long on surfaces during remediation; they could actually damage certain materials.  UV light can kill mold without these negative effects.

UV light produces electromagnetic energy that attacks and destroys the DNA and RNA of microorganisms – preventing their ability to reproduce and causing cell death.  UV light can kill microorganisms given the right distance and duration to deliver the proper dosage.

#3 - ultraviolet light provides Protection Throughout the Remediation Process  

The initial step of remediation is an inspection to assess the level of damage and the most appropriate course of action to deal with the mold in the space.  However, there is the mold you can see, but there are likely mold spores in the air that you can’t see. 

UV light can be an easy way to begin killing any of the visible mold, and also to help kill any mold spores in the air and prevent further spreading of the mold.  However, as you begin the remediation process, you run the risk of disturbing mold spores – sending them airborne once again into the space you’re treating, or worse into surrounding rooms via air ducts or any gaps in your containment.

Therefore, UV light can be a regular part of your routine to continually stamp down any mold that has been exposed or potentially spread into the air.  Want to ensure your customers that you have killed all of the mold in their rooms – add UV light as a final step to protect against any mold or spores that may still be active.

Violet Defense S.A.G.E. Products Can Help

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 With the Surface & Air Germ Elimination (S.A.G.E.) UV line of products from Violet Defense, you can deploy an effective solution that will help keep your customers and staff safe and healthy. S.A.G.E. UV uses pulsed Xenon technology that delivers a broad spectrum of UV-C, UV-B, UV-A, and violet-blue light to optimize the killing effects.  Violet Defense has a line of mobile products that can bring powerful, germ-killing UV light to your remediation site in the size and shape that’s right for the job at hand. 

Contact us to find out more about how our technology could fit into your mold remediation process.

Jessica Jones