Here at Violet Defense, we are passionate about protecting our world from germs. As part of this journey, our blog helps us all to become more “germ aware” about the risks that germs pose to our health and wellness in everyday places, but more importantly how UV light has the power to help us fight this war against harmful bacteria and viruses.



Risky Business? Foodborne Illnesses and Their Impact on Customers and Business

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foodborne illnesses

Each year, millions of people acquire foodborne illnesses from bacteria and viruses - including in restaurants, catering or banquet facilities, and other locations.  It's estimated that 1 in 10 people fall ill to foodborne diseases.

The costs of these outbreaks are tremendous - not only in terms of the health implications for the medical costs, lost time from work, and unfortunately too many premature deaths.  However, these costs can also extend to the businesses as well.  Simply search for articles about outbreaks in restaurants or visit a site like Food Safety News, and you will find an abundance of recent stories of outbreaks, lost revenue due to closings necessary to deal with the bacteria or viruses at hand, and even lawsuits.

proper surface sanitizing

While there are many strategies to help reduce the risk of outbreaks, effectively sanitizing surfaces and equipment are critical to this list.  In 2015-2016, locally there were 65,000 food safety violations due to food-contact surfaces not being properly cleaned and sanitized in restaurants.  With that number from Florida alone, imagine the numbers throughout the United States.  Download Violet Defense's Guide:  The Risks of Foodborne Illnesses to Your Customers & Your Business to learn more about the risks your customers and your business face.  

Even with the best of intentions or highly trained staff - how do you know if you have effectively disinfected your entire space?  Areas can be missed.  Chemicals may have not been left on long enough to ensure that the germs you are concerned about have been dealt with properly.  Adding another layer of protection could be the key. 

ultraviolet light for disinfection

Ultraviolet light is a great way to provide insurance that you have effectively disinfected a space as it kills germs anywhere the light touches.  To learn more about how Violet Defense can help bring UV to your restaurant or food facility to protect your customers and your business, contact us.