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Smart, Effective Cleaning Tools for Hotels

Florida Restaurant Lodging

Violet Defense recently previewed its new S.A.G.E. UV line, including its whole room unit at the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show in Orlando, Florida.  The show featured hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees from the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality markets. 

Violet Defense's S.A.G.E. UV line was selected as one of the top 14 "most exciting new product innovations" on display at the show as reviewed by a group of restaurant and foodservice journalists.  Featured in Hospitality Technology:  Smarter Hotels & Restaurants, S.A.G.E. UV is designed to bring clinical-level cleaning to spaces that have not previously had cost-effective options for deploying UV in their environments, including hotels, assisted living facilities, restaurants, cruise ships, schools, etc. 

The technology also caught the attention of the editor, Glenn Hasek, of Green Lodging News, the lodging industry's leading environmental news source.  Reminded of the Best Western “I Care Clean” program, which used UV wands to help clean and black lights to detect, Mr. Hasek pointed out that the instructions to effectively use the wand required "the UV wand had to be held in place for five to seven seconds within five to seven inches of an item."  "I just could not imagine a housekeeper going over an entire room like this," added Mr. Hasek.

Whereas, with the S.A.G.E. UV Mobile Unit, a housekeeper could do their routine cleaning and then simply position the unit in the room, turn it on and let it disinfect the space while he or she begins prepping the next room.

With the ability to potentially reduce the use of chemicals or simply provide an added layer of protection to be able to assure guests that their hotel room is clean of germs, such as E. Coli, Norovirus, and even MRSA, it's a great tool to add to the cleaning protocols for a hotel or resort.  The S.A.G.E UV whole room units and S.A.G.E. UV bathroom fan covers can be installed and then automatically deployed to clean the rooms anytime it is unoccupied.  

For more information about the new product line and how it could be a great addition to your brand, contact us.


Jessica Jones