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Violet Defense has already determined that the applications for this technology reach far beyond its original focus on disinfection. The improved efficiency of our technology can mean incredible energy savings for agricultural lighting. Electricity costs for many indoor grow lights have been exorbitant and growers also often experience degradation of the lenses that results in higher operating costs, frequent bulb replacement, or even premature failure – all of which are reduced by Violet Defense technology.

Furthermore, the ability to incorporate UV light can help maintain a healthy growing environment by reducing mold, mildew and certain plant pests. This protection can be extended into the extraction process to kill harmful bacteria and fungus. UV has also been shown to drive increases in the plant production of active substances in medicinal plants, including antioxidant benefits of numerous plants or THC levels in cannabis.



Indoor grow and extraction facilities must effectively deal with harmful microorganisms, both known and unknown, which may threaten the health of their plants and the quality of their products that ultimately impact the health and wellness of consumers.

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the benefits of uv

Advancements in UV light are making it possible to bring the benefits of ultraviolet light, particularly UV-A and UV-B to indoor agriculture.

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Over the last five years, researchers have refined the science and applied technology behind using ultraviolet (UV) light to kill the fungi that causes powdery mildew (PM), opening the door for the technology’s use to control other plant pathogens.

— Sarah Thompson, Cornell AgriTech

A variety of products means we can help clean any of your spaces

Violet Defense’s technology has the opportunity to bring numerous benefits to the horticulture industry. From energy-efficient lighting to the ability to incorporate UV lighting throughout the grow and extraction processes, Violet Gro, powered by Violet Defense’s patented technology, can bring your indoor grow to the next level.



Violet Gro’s lighting, powered by Violet Defense’s patented technology, offers a more cost-effective, long-term solution to growing by giving plants the light they need with less heat.


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UV light has been proven to generate additional benefits for plants, including enhanced production of flavonoids and cannabinoids. It is also advantageous in helping to control mold, powdery mildew, and other plant pests such as mites.



Routine cleaning and disinfection of the environment is a core component of standards designed to help prevent the contamination of products, helping keep them clear of pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, S. aureus, and more. UV disinfection has proven to effectively kill up to 99.9% of these pathogens.